Import Inventor Pro Model into Revit and Create Inverse Kinematic for Swing in Revit

I will explain Ball join constraint in Revit in the next two day.

Invers Kinematics 2

Ok , let show you how you can bring your model from Inventor Professional into Revit and then create some movements in Revit , I create Swing many yeas ago and you can see how can I move the swing in the Inventor Professional with Click and Drag.

Swing in Revit

First thing is about the modeling in Inventor Pro and this is depend to your experience in Inventor but it’s not very difficult everything you need is just skeleton part for select in the Frame Generator Environment and then you are able to pick the segments of the Skeleton part

Swing in Revit 1


Swing in Revit 3

you need create Skeleton Part for Base of the Swing like below picture

Swing in Revi 2

Swing in Revit 4

Now you can make *.SAT file from File > Export and then you can create New Family Face Base in Revit and Import your model into Revit .

You can See one side of Swing in the below Picture.

Swing in Revit 5

and the Base Part of Swing

Swing in Revit 6

After you prepare all the parts you need for this swing you can create new Family like the below picture first step for this family is create First Reference Line as you see in the picture and then you need to set reference plane of First reference line . Next step is about second group of reference line with dimension like the picture below.

Swing in Revit 7

Final part for this Swing is component placement on the reference line depend the part .

Swing in Revit 8

And final part is simple sweep and extrude modeling .


Swing in Revit 9

You can download Swing File from this address :

Good Luck.


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