JUST Experience for BIM Modeling with Inventor Professional


My favorite software is Inventor and honestly I really believe to this software for every type of modeling , maybe you don’t have direct command for which category then you want but if you create your own parametric model at this software then you can use this model for whole of your life.

Ok let start experience about the BIM Modeling :


The project was some sort of Modular Building then I had a lot of consideration about the size of each part for this building.

For this project I used Part Modeling , Assembly Modeling , Sheet Metal , Frame Generator , Drawing and Presentation area and the result was quite good. Of Course for some parts you can use combination between Inventor Pro and Revit ( Rebar modeling Or Piping and HVAC System ) but all model I want to create in Inventor was Successful.


At the top Picture you can see how we can add many detail for Floor , Wall , Roof and for the connection between elements in the project.


Unfortunately when I was in charge for design this home I don’t have any idea and information about the iLogic part in Inventor and that was five years ago but know when I think about the iLogic part then I can understand how much I can do this faster and better now.


Bill of Material and final report for any category at this project was quite good and I could manage all things about the Final documentation. For Piping of this project I used Revit MEP but as I remember in Inventor 2011 we don’t have any command for transfer and exchange the information between Inventor and Revit. But now everything improved for this type file transfer.


I will share more details about this project and process for create and design and documentation for this project in the future.


Good Luck


2 thoughts on “JUST Experience for BIM Modeling with Inventor Professional

  1. Hello I will be very interested about the possibility to export data from this Steel Model in DSTV format each barre and plate element ? did you know if it’s possible from inventor ? or if you know a special app or third component for this ?


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