Ramp with Detail and Finishing Layer in Revit ?

From the first time I start to use Ramp command in Revit I find many issue for this tool and now after eleven years we don’t have any improvements for this command , now I want to show you how we can create Ramp with all detail then we need !? is this possible ? yes , very simple .

Let’s start , first step is about the creating normal Ramp as usual like the below picture


Ramp With detail 1

Then you can turn of the Railing Category for floor plan , because you need to select the boundary of Ramp.

Ramp With detail 2

Now start to create Floor , but Floor type name should contain (( Ramp )) . when you want create the boundary for ramp be careful and use pick line tool with turn on Lock option in the Option bar.

Ramp With detail 3

After you select the boundary line if you select all of the projection line like the below picture then you will have Break point like the picture.

Ramp With detail 4

Go to the 3D View , select the floor and then run Modify sub element tools.

Ramp With detail 6

Change the Elevation parameter Like the below picture ( if you need to find Height for Landing you can try to change single border elevation with click and drag and you can see how single edge can match with the Landing Border and you can find the Elevation )

Ramp With detail 7

For the Final step you can do same method for Single border line with click and drag. below picture

Ramp With detail 8

In fact now you have a ramp with detail in the Finishing Layer but you need change something for present this Ramp in the Section view. So , you can turn off ramp category for all of the Section views.

Ramp With detail 9

For floor plan you need to create a Filter like the below picture .

Ramp With detail 10

And you can see everything is ok in the Floor Plan.

Ramp With detail 11

But something is missing here !?! What about the Solid Ramp ?!? how we can do this with floor ?!?!

Ramp With detail 12

Go to the Edit Structure dialogue and make the check box on for Variable option.

Ramp With detail 13

Now You have solid Ramp in Revit


Ramp With detail 14

Ramp With detail 15

And one thing remain, What about the Arc Shape Ramp ?!?!

Ramp With detail 16

You can use the same method and Revit can create everything Automatically , and you can see all of the border line are aligned with the Normal Ramp.

Ramp With detail 17

Ramp With detail 18

And for the Final Part you can add some Cut family over the finishing face of the Ramp.

Ramp With detail


Good Luck.



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