How you can create False Floor in Revit with Autodesk Inventor Models !?!

Always I thinking what happen if we could had pattern in Floor Command in Revit then we can create many detail for Floor Pattern, but We have another command and the base procedure for use this command is very similar to  Floor , Yea , the Answer is Roof .

Do you ever think about Sloped glazing Roof ?! and the ability this roof gives you ?!? you can create pattern in the Horizontal face with this command.

Let’s use this Command for Floor False Modeling in Revit.

First step is family modeling and I did this with Inventor .

Base part is Tile and you can see how I export this model from Inventor and Imported that into Revit Family.

Go to the File Menu ( 1 ) and select Export > Cad Format ( 2 )

Inventor to Revit Roof 4

In the export dialog box change the File type to *.SAT format ( 1 )

Inventor to Revit Roof 5

Now you can go to Revit and create new Family  ( Curtain Wall Panel ) ( 1 )

Inventor to Revit Roof 6

From the Insert Ribbon you can import your 3d Model into Revit ( 1 , 2 )

Inventor to Revit Roof 7

You can see the result for your family and you need some change.

Inventor to Revit Roof 8

Change the model position and orientation like the below Picture , pay attention to the side of placement for 3d model . ( 3 , 4 , 5 )

Inventor to Revit Roof 9

You can make export from another part from Inventor and bring your model into this family.

Inventor to Revit Roof 3


Inventor to Revit Roof 12


Inventor to Revit Roof 11

In the Final Result you have one pattern of what you want for floor Modeling. you can Create parameter for control the Distance between Top face of Tile and the bottom of Leg.

Inventor to Revit Roof 10

Now you can Load your family into the project area and create Roof

Inventor to Revit Roof 13

Interior 3D View

Inventor to Revit Roof 14


Good Luck.


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