Just Speak with You !

This is just some word coming from my heart and mind , I start my work with Autodesk software’s
over 19 years ago and in the all of this years i had a dream , ( believe it or not ) .
my dream was meeting someone from Autodesk to speak with him/her and describe about my idea and point for Autodesk software , I was looking for Autodesk developer to communicate with them.

Over seven month ago in Dubai i saw someone from Autodesk and I Spoke with him but …. i get nothing.
I saw another person one month ago in ASEAN Events and i guess that person do not trust me too.

After the first meeting i realized i have no way to communicate with someone to share my idea. So, i start to write a blog with fake information . the information was about the new feature in Revit software.

Two day’s ago i send a message to someone and he said about Autodesk Community.

I don’t know why i search in google ((Autodesk Community)) because I was active in Autodesk forum, but i never seen the first page of Autodesk community. I found wonderful link, that was about Submit Idea for Autodesk software.

R 1


R 2


R 4

I’m very happy to find this link and submit many Idea . Now I’m asking to you go to this blog and take a look to post .


If you have good sense about the post you can go to this

address : http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/Ideas-Page/

You can find many post and my post was here too . Vote to the good Idea.

Please don’t judge me.

Good Luck .


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