Room Legend with Full of Information



2 years ago I was a member of Iranian Group in Telegram Social software, I saw a question about the Room Legend with all of information that we need for explained exact space with name , area, perimeter, Number and etc…

I tried to find the best answer for this question and I found this workflow, which could be very useful for everyone who need to this type of presentation.

For explain this workflow I used a simple project with to Floor plan , GR and ST 1.

In Regular workflow you have Room Legend like the below picture.




Try to make new Color Scheme with the Number Rule.






Now you should create new Schedule for Room , You can follow the rule like the below picture ( Very Simple )



Make rename for new Schedule and call this one for example (Room Legend GR)


For visibility management per Level you can use Filter Tab and try to filter the list according to the Level GR. Like the below picture.


Make change in the Sorting/Grouping Tab to by Number.


You can try same method for next level and change the Filter rule to ST 1.


Go to the appearance Tab and change the item like the below picture.



Now go to the Sheet view and add Schedule that you prepared for GR.



Select the view and make active the view, go to the Color Fill Legend Type properties and make change the Swatch Height for 7mm .


Now you can go to the Schedule view and make hide the Number Column like the below picture.




Do the same for next level, You have nice Room Legend with all Information as you need.




Good Luck.


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