Re Invent Revit : 1.Introduction


I was speaker for BiLT Asia event and I had two session, one for Revit and another for Inventor.


Assembled Stair


BIM and Manufacturing
Assembled Stair

I mentioned that session is for Expert but after I start my session I understood we don’t have any audience with depth knowledge about Inventor in room.

Karbandi Model
Karbandi Drawing

Then I asked is anybody familiar with Inventor?! Respond was terrible, just one person had little experience with Inventor. Important things is my session was about Building Industry and as I understood at least here ( Singapore ) we don’t have many people who are using Inventor in Building Industry.

Decorative Shelf Model


Decorative Shelf Drawing

After that I make decision to write and talk more about what we can do with Inventor in Building Industry. Also I want start new serious of post for teaching Inventor to all of my blog readers. And in the same time I will explain about what we can do with this software.



I had short discussion with Phil Lazarous from BiLT Committee and he preferred a blog with name ” Re Invent Revit ” . But I don’t want to make new blog, because currently many of my readers are from Building industry and they are involving in BIM Process and i’m looking for this people, why I should create new Blog.


Hence, I will go for this serious at this blog and I am writing about this with name “Re Invent Revit”

I will provide many file for practice, then you can use Inventor 2018 Student Version (  Autodesk is very generous ) if you don’t have subscription account for Autodesk Inventor in your PC or Laptop.

Space Frame

Good Luck,

Behzad Meskini


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