Big secret in AU Session ; How we can make active/deactivate Room separation line in Revit!!!???

It’s become around 7 years ago when for first time i start to make link from Archi model into Revit MEP and i found some road blocks , many of those difficulties was solved after i did many projects and many of them was remained.

Now i want to show you how you can make turn on/off Room separation line from Archi Link model in MEP discipline and important things is when you are making turn off you can create your space without any limits that is coming from Archi Separation line.

As you can see in below picture we have simple plan with Room Separation line in Archi model.


In below picture you can see after i make insert Archi model in MEP project, still i can see Room Separation lines and if i try for create any room or space i will receive affect from room separation lines.


And now i make turned off all room separation line from Archi Link and then i make new space according to Space separation line in MEP.



I will share with you about this tricks in the future but for now i need your help.

Currently i sent proposal for AU University 2017 and i need your vote. If this type of tricks are interesting for you please go to the below website and make search for this two title:

  1. Revit : Golden Tricks for save your life!
  2. Re Invent Revit: Inventor for Revit Users!





Good Luck



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