Control Room Separation Lines across different Disciplines

Hi again,

Tonight i want to share another tricks which i shared in BiLT ANZ 2018,

Let’s solve one of the big issue and answer to this question, How we can control Room separation lines in Link file, when we are sharing model across different disciplines?

This is one of the biggest request from M&E people, when they are creating space in M&E file they need to define their spaces with freedom and without any restriction from Archi layout.

You can see one example in below.  in left side we have Room separation lines, which you can see with red color.


Regarding to Archi discipline for this building we have separate area for manager, reception, counter and lobby. And the way they are defining this separation is according to furniture placement, different material or partition system.

But maybe for M&E, all of this area are part of one space and no need to define separate space for each portion.

Now if we go for M&E file and make try to define Space in according to Archi Layout, this will not be possible.


Go to Archi Model and make try to define new Phase, you can call that “Room Separation Line”


Select all Room Separation line from model and after that for demolition phase, define Room Separation Line.

Yes just this, make save your file and go to M&E file, make delete all Space that you have for Manager, lobby, etc.  You should do it with Space schedule and select those space that you want to delete and make them delete from schedule.


Now if you retry it again still you can see same effect and you cannot make one space for all area.

Select your archi model link and go to Edit Type from properties panel. In Edit Type dialogue box go for Phase Mapping and change phase mapping system like below picture.

Everything is set up now and you can define new Space without any limitation from archi room separation line.


I hope you enjoy and this could help you for managing your project,

I received comment, trick was very simple, perhaps it is. 🙂

Revit is much simple than we think and in most of the time we can solve issues without Dynamo and scripting,

Take care,


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