Addressing issue for Level and Grid Bubble size in different view scale?!


Let’s address another issue that we can face within our projects,

As you already faced with this issue, when you are changing your view scale from 1:100 to other scales like 1:200 or 1:50, your grids and level symbols will not be presented with the proper size,

We can find some solutions in different blogs or websites, like design options or using separate link files for different scale, which can make some other problems and make our management process more complicated.

Let see how we can address it through below video,

Hope you like it,


4 thoughts on “Addressing issue for Level and Grid Bubble size in different view scale?!

  1. Thank you for video. It helped a lot! I red many forums but till this video the best option was Design Options. But this is better in my opinion. I have two questions:
    1) for Grid family there is an option to add type with smaller bubble. Of course if you change bubble type, it changes in all views. But no matter what size is bubble, the grid line stays always snapped to bubble. In you video you were using an extra line that compensates the distance from smaller bubble to grid line. How change of grid bubble type can stay always connected to grid line? Can’t you use the same princip in your version?

    2) is it possible to subcategorize to Scale_100 and Scale_200 also text labels?

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    1. Glad to hear that Janis, regarding to your questions for first one I can say, if your mean is we use same reference point ( example: same point for both hexagon like the logic I used for Level bubble ) issue will be text location and won’t be in right location.

      for second question, Revit will not allow you to use sub-category for texts


      1. If you change bubble type (with different bubble size) Revit automatically changes also text location. I could try to make a video, but where can I post it?


  2. yes sure will change, but as you know we are not looking for changing type of elements, as in one project we have different view with different scale and changing type will change it for all view (Like what you said)

    What ever we are doing, shouldn’t be through “Type change”


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