Golden Trick, Applying Different Symbols to Different Elements Automatically

Have you ever tried to apply different tags to targeted elements by elements property, for example, a door with different Fire Rating, has to get a different symbol, how you would do it?

Yes, it could be tedious and time-consuming if you go and do it manually.

Well, you want to do it by Dynamo or developing your own plugins!??!

Wait a moment, watch this video and then try again to handle the case.

Hope you like it,

Demolition Phase and infill wall


One of the common issues that many Revit users are talking about it the demolition phase in Revit and the way Revit will try to fill the Door or Window opening in walls, once you chose a demolished phase for your element.

By searching about this matter you will find some workaround with pros and cons and I believe that the solution I’m suggesting here is the fastest way that we can address this not just graphically but also with regards to schedule and QS.

You can find the solution in the video,


Hope you like it and let me know what is your opinion,


My promise, For Golden Tricks in BiLT ANZ 2018!?

In this year, 2018, my proposals become accepted for four BiLT Event around the globe. I am very excited and i know it’s not possible to find better opportunity for sharing knowledge in four different continent.

We just finished BiLT Asia 2018, three weeks ago and next one will be BiLT ANZ.

In passed one year i wasn’t active in my blog and i didn’t shared with you about new tricks which i can say no body knows in the world,

Now i have chance to share “Golden Tricks for saving your life!?!?” with you in this event and I truly believe BiLT ANZ 2018, is the right event for sharing all new tricks with you,

Some of major Tricks are as below:

  1. If you want to know about making active or deactivate your Room/Space separation line across discipline!?!
  2. If you want to know about 2D Tags and Symbols with Rotate Parameter!?!
  3. If you want to know how you can do your project lighter ten times than normal way!?!
  4. If you want to make your BIM Model optimized with simple process!?!
  5. If you want to compare four number with each other and find bigger/smaller one with one formula in one line!?!?
  6. If you want to define Structural column but with calculation in your GFA!?!
  7. If you want to know about fast and simple way for FFL and SFL in your project!?!
  8. If you want to make optimize your BIM Model for CFD Simulation, with simple workflow!?!

And many other “IF”, you can attend for this session and you will never find this type of tricks anywhere else.

At the end of this session you will left the room with big smile, you know why!?! just because all of those tricks are very simple.

Find more information from below link:

See you soon in Brisbane, Australia

ReInvent Revit Users!

Since around 15 or 16 years, i starts my journey with Inventor and i was joying to work with this software. One of the best software for manufacturing and construction stage in the market.

Also,  when first time i starts to work with Revit, i found lot’s of familiar tools and icons. Which is common in Autodesk platform. Step by step after i start with Revit journey, i understood in many parts logic and the way we are defining parameters, doing modeling, assembling elements, defining rules, providing drawings is same with Revit.

In market, every time and every where i meet different Architects or Engineers, who were very interested to learn one software for construction stage or for providing construction details for different products or complex shape that they designed.

But every time sort of concern or doubt about manufacturing software make them disappointed to learn anything about this category.

In next April, i will deliver one talk in BiLT Asia 2018 “ReInvent Revit Users” and i will show to all, how with 2 hour you can become Inventor User.

If you are currently Revit Users and you want to become Inventor Users in 120 minutes this session is for you.

You can receive more information from below link:

See you all, in #BiLTASIA 2018


Top Ten Speaker in BiLT Asia 2017

That was my first experience of BiLT Asia 2017,

I become one of the Top Ten Speakers in this event ( Rank 8 ) and i should say tank you to all Speakers for what you are doing for sharing your idea and making this event more valuable year by year.

Also I should say thank you to BiLT Committee for what they did for preparing this great event and gave me this chance to be Speaker for this.

I was very lucky because i meet many great and knowledgeable people.

I should say Thank you to Wesley Benn, Phil Lazarus, Richard Kuppusamy, Chris Needham, Phil Read,  Heidi Lam.

And also i should say thank you DP Architect and my two friends Hui Min Chan and Kelvin Tam for Supporting me.

And i hope to be speaker in next BiLT Events.

What i Learnt from AU Proposal Submission?!?!?!

At first i should say congratulation to all Speakers for this year.

I was thinking about the Title for this Post and many things comes up in my mind, but at the end i should say this is the best Title : What i Learnt from AU Proposal Submission?!?!?!

Let say why :

In past three years i sent many proposal and i learnt many thing that i can share with you year by year. For each year i will tell you about two condition, Before, and After proposal rejection.

In 2015 :

Before Rejection : I sent some proposals, and i was thinking everything is ok for me to be a Speaker for this event, in this year we had to make upload video from our desktop to describe about what we are going to explain in AU.

After Rejection : Honestly when i was recording that video’s I understood my language isn’t good enough for talk in AU ( Still it’s not prefect but in 2015 that was sort of night mare and also AU it’s not about English Course if i be correct it’s about unique idea and experience and workflow …  ) , then i start to read more English paper and listen more, but because always i was busy, i hadn’t any time for study English. Also, i said maybe AEC judge need more prove regarding to my words and skills, because of this and my interest for ACP ( Autodesk Certificate Professional ),  i went to Dubai and i passed Six ACP Exams in Revit ARC, STR, MEP, AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds MAX.

Also for my interest and after many years work with Dassault System software i went to India for 10 Exams in three day. And i passed all professional Solidworks and Catia Specialist levels.

In June of 2016 i was Speaker in AU ASEAN for one Title, Excellent Detailing in Wall, Floor, Roof, Ceiling. That was one of the best experience for me, that i will never forgot it, not because of the Event, because i meet many nice people, Like Phil Lazarus and  Takrit Jirawudomchai, Gianluca Nicholas Lange.


In August of 2016 i understood two items of my Proposals in BiLT Asia Event was accepted.


In 2016 :

Before Rejection : OK, my perception was this, now i have many prove for my skills and knowledge, i just tried to find title from what i did in passed year. I had more experience in English language. I was Speaker in AU ASEAN too.

After Rejection : I understood this is not about the Unique Idea, Experience or Knowledge, because of many reason. ( In more than three items my proposal was hundred percent Unique that was coming from real experience )

But i make decision for sharing my Idea with others with this Blog. This was really nice experience, because i found many friends around the globe through to this blog and Linkedin.

Also i wrote two Paper for AUGI. About unique Idea in Revit for 3d Detailing and Historical Building with Inventor.

Also i changed my location from Iran to Singapore, i was looking for new Environment with cloth relation with community and people and for passing sanctions.

I was thinking i should have experience with International Company, Because they have different experience that could be more valuable from Iranian construction market.


In 2017 :

Before Rejection : I think for this year i was ready enough, anything for proving my words and experience. I had BiLT Experience with great feedback and also BIM Manager in DP Architect. Regarding to AU Blogs in this year we had this opportunity to add weight to our Proposal with Vote ( Toooo much Weight ) . I received more than 80 vote for my Revit Proposal; Golden tricks in Revit. And more than 70 Vote for Re Invent Revit: Inventor for Revit Users.

Honestly around 8 of votes that was coming from my laptop and mobile phone and four of my friends.

After Rejection : Currently i’m shocking,  i’m thinking i am really stupid for sending Proposal in AU Vegas. Maybe in next one or two weeks i will forgot this sense.

But, let’s see what is Autodesk Respond to me in each Year after i sent more than 10 proposal in three year.




You can see what i received every time for rejecting my proposals.

Also you can see my blog views jus in four weeks i sent some post regarding to my proposals:


How i should add weight?!?

But i have one question from those people who are judging about the proposals:

Do you believe to below words ???

( AU selection is based on the strength of an individual proposal, a speaker’s past conference experience or industry expertise, and the collected feedback of Autodesk employees and AU community members. It’s the combination of these factors that shapes AU’s selection process.. )

I can’t say anything ……………


Big secret in AU Session ; How we can make active/deactivate Room separation line in Revit!!!???

It’s become around 7 years ago when for first time i start to make link from Archi model into Revit MEP and i found some road blocks , many of those difficulties was solved after i did many projects and many of them was remained.

Now i want to show you how you can make turn on/off Room separation line from Archi Link model in MEP discipline and important things is when you are making turn off you can create your space without any limits that is coming from Archi Separation line.

As you can see in below picture we have simple plan with Room Separation line in Archi model.


In below picture you can see after i make insert Archi model in MEP project, still i can see Room Separation lines and if i try for create any room or space i will receive affect from room separation lines.


And now i make turned off all room separation line from Archi Link and then i make new space according to Space separation line in MEP.



I will share with you about this tricks in the future but for now i need your help.

Currently i sent proposal for AU University 2017 and i need your vote. If this type of tricks are interesting for you please go to the below website and make search for this two title:

  1. Revit : Golden Tricks for save your life!
  2. Re Invent Revit: Inventor for Revit Users!





Good Luck


AU Proposal for 2017 : “Revit : Golden Tricks for save your life!”

Dear All,

This is my second proposal for AU Vegas 2018. Again i want share with you my knowledge. I don’t know how much you had suffer for managing Room Separation line in M&E side but, One of the hottest trick for this session is about how you can make turn Off/On for Room Separation line in M&E side. Yes in Revit. Also about Room and design option and many other tricks for you.

Take a look to the description from below link, you can make search with “Golden Tricks” (I know my English it’s not prefect) and do vote for idea if you think i deserve for this.

you can find more info about me from below links:


Best Regards,

Behzad Meskini

AU Proposal for 2017 : “Re Invent Revit”

Dear All,

After many years work with Autodesk software’s and share my knowledge with other people in different community and learn from community know i want share my idea with you through the AU University 2018 in Vegas.

I wrote three proposal and this on is about Inventor and Revit, anybody is currently Revit user i really believe he/she could be next Inventor user just with simple mindset from Revit and 3d Modeling, you will become next generation of Inventor users.

Please take a look to au.autodesk web site from below link and read my class description, if you like that then vote for that in AU website.

If you need more info about me just check my Linkedin Account or you find more info in my blog.


I need you vote, please support me.


Best Regards,

Behzad Meskini

RTC Events Singapore 2017, 2nd Abstract Steel Structure Detailing with Autodesk Inventor and iLogic Parts

This is my honor to be a part of RTC Event 2017 in Marina Bay Singapore as a speaker.

In my opinion Inventor is one of the best software for customization around what you want as a fabrication modeling and documentation. Because of this and because of many other ability that we could find on this software, I used  this software for Steel detailing. Combination between regular modeling and iLogic ability gives us huge power for complex job like Shop drawings.

If you are interest to be attendance at this event I will say welcome to you and I hope to see you in RTC Event 2017, Singapore at 30 March – 1 April.

Also, thanking the RTC Committee , Richard Kuppusamy  , Heidi Lam and Phil Lazarus for what you are doing as a volunteer for RTC .


My Portfolio Blog


At this days i’m trying to prepare my portfolio blog , the Information for each post was not completed yet but at the first step I will go to publish all of my works and experience and then I want to prepare detail for them.

Take look to this blog and give me your feedback to improve my Portfolio blog, I will start again to share new tricks and new Points for work with the Autodesk Software in the next Two weeks.

Web Address :


Behzad Meskini



You need to read great article every day and this is one of them ” Livin’ the Dream “

I think we have two type of article first type came from the Research and Second came from the Experience , both of them are very valuable but I prefer The Second. Experience.

I don’t want describe about this , you can enjoy it and use the point of this article every day in your work.

Article Address :

Thank you Adam Munoz .

Volunteering Post

Hi to all,

I want to start my voluntarily teaching for Autodesk Revit ARC , STR , MEP , Inventor Pro , 3ds Max , Catia , Solidworks.

I need to teach and learn in the English community for improve my knowledge about the English language and for better communicate with this folks.

So , if you know about any opportunity or you know some who can help me for teaching or publishing an Article as a volunteer Please tell me .


Behzad Meskini

Just Speak with You !

This is just some word coming from my heart and mind , I start my work with Autodesk software’s
over 19 years ago and in the all of this years i had a dream , ( believe it or not ) .
my dream was meeting someone from Autodesk to speak with him/her and describe about my idea and point for Autodesk software , I was looking for Autodesk developer to communicate with them.

Over seven month ago in Dubai i saw someone from Autodesk and I Spoke with him but …. i get nothing.
I saw another person one month ago in ASEAN Events and i guess that person do not trust me too.

After the first meeting i realized i have no way to communicate with someone to share my idea. So, i start to write a blog with fake information . the information was about the new feature in Revit software.

Two day’s ago i send a message to someone and he said about Autodesk Community.

I don’t know why i search in google ((Autodesk Community)) because I was active in Autodesk forum, but i never seen the first page of Autodesk community. I found wonderful link, that was about Submit Idea for Autodesk software.

R 1


R 2


R 4

I’m very happy to find this link and submit many Idea . Now I’m asking to you go to this blog and take a look to post .

If you have good sense about the post you can go to this

address :

You can find many post and my post was here too . Vote to the good Idea.

Please don’t judge me.

Good Luck .